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All my life, I knew I didn’t take good photos.  My usual mantra was to hand the camera to my husband and say, “Here, you take it.”

One day, I decided that I wanted to learn how to take better pictures.  I imagined months of reading tips and practicing.  I set a goal to do a 365 Project, taking and posting one photo each day, hoping to have the skill down after 365 attempts.  But to my surprise, in just a few days I was taking exceptional photos.  By learning a few key photography tips, I had improved my photography skills by leaps and bounds.

I fulfilled my 365 Project commitment with a project called “The Daily Shoot.”  Once the year was over, I had the intention of putting down my camera on a daily basis and only taking photos of family events, etc.  Well, I missed taking daily photos so I continue on.  I started a Daily Shoot Group on Facebook, so all my friends can join in, too.  Anyone is invited to join, I love meeting new friends through photography.

I hope you decide to learn to take great photos, too.