Since starting this photo project, I have learned a lot of resources and fun websites.

ShutterCal:  ShutterCal is a free, calendar-based photography project where you can document your life and improve your photography skills at the same time.  You post one photo per day.  You can look at other’s photos.  Here’s my current daily photo:




Flickr:  I haven’t been a fan of Flickr until I found some interesting groups on Flickr.  
One of the groups that have been very encouraging to me is called Point and Shoot.  It’s amazing the great photos that a simple point and shoot camera can take.
You can also search for your brand and model of the camera and see the photos others take with the same model of camera you have and you can add your own photos, too.
Another interesting group at Flickr is Squared Circle.  You take a photo of a circle and crop it in a square, showing all sides of the circle.  Warning:  once you start making these, it’s hard to stop.  I enjoy looking for something round to take a photo of.  It’s good practice on framing shots.  I am a member of this group, but also collect my “Squircles” in my Picasa Web album:





Picasa Web Albums:  Since I use Picasa (free photo organizing and editing software), it’s very easy to use Picasa Web Albums to share my photos.
It’s sometimes hard to edit all the photos I take down to one photo each day.  I put my other favorites that don’t make it to the Daily Photo here:
Summer 2010 Favorites


The Essential Guide To Digital Photography:  This is a great, free eBook that’s a quick read and full of great information.  It covers choosing a camera through taking great photos.  And for free, how can you beat that?



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